Sarah Sanders Responds to Allegations – They’re True

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is one of President Trump’s closest allies. When allegations fly, she is quick to respond with the truth that Americans deserve to hear. This time is no different.

As the sentencing of infamous drug lord El Chapo was announced, Sanders tweeted that his “reign of terror is over. He‘ll spend the rest of his life in a maximum security prison. The threat from violent drug cartels is real – we must secure our border”. Yes, El Chapo’s case is yet another reason why we need to end illegal immigration, and she was right to highlight it.

As noted in reports, El Chapo is guilty “of running a smuggling ring that dumped more illegal drugs on American streets than any other criminal in history.” When President Trump talks about securing our border, he is deadly serious — it isn’t just held over rhetoric from the campaign.

El Chapo has also been described as a “cold-blooded executioner,” further underscoring that when we fight illegal immigration, we are fighting to keep American families and communities safe from violence. But liberals would rather play politics with America’s security than discuss reality, and Sarah Sanders will always be there to call them out.

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