Sarah Sanders Loses It – Room Left Speechless

While actor Jussie Smollett begs for the presumption of innocence for himself, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is fuming over the presumption of guilt he helped incite against white, male Trump supporters.

In a Fox News interview, Sanders ripped into the Empire star, who was arrested Thursday for falsely reporting an assault by two men wearing MAGA hats.

Sanders not only condemned Sanders for his lie, but also wagged a furious finger at the Democrat politicians who enabled his lie and tried to lay the blame on President Trump. Those high profile individuals have since distanced themselves from Smollett, but not nearly so quickly or with as much vitriol as when they were calling down hellfire and brimstone on the MAGA movement.

“Everybody from Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, and a number of others… attacked the president, blamed the president,” Sanders said. “And in fact as we learn more, it certianly seems like the only person to blame in this case is Smollett.”

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