Sarah Sanders Gets Her Revenge… Media Scrambling

Sarah Sanders has been a target of the media since day one – but now she’s getting her revenge.

The mainstream media hecklers are upset that Sarah Sanders stopped holding briefings as frequently— after consistently mistreating and berating her.

President Trump has been one of the most transparent and accessible presidents of all time, if not the most.

The frequency of briefings has adjusted accordingly to account for such accessibility, but the media aren’t happy about it. Despite the fact that Sarah Sanders is consistently on camera or talking to the press, the reporters still aren’t satisfied.

Sean Spicer speculates that “They don’t like it as much because it doesn’t work as well for their cable contracts and their YouTube views and things like that.”

The mainstream media is only concerned with putting down anyone involved with the President. There is no basis to criticize Sanders based on the number of briefings held because she and the President himself consistently inform the public. The media is just concerned about their flailing ratings.

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