Sarah Sanders FOX NEWS Decision… Fans Are Cheering

President Trump’s former press secretary, Sarah Sanders, isn’t holding back in her new role as a Fox News contributor. She just made a major decision, and her fans are cheering.

Speaking to Sean Hannity before Trump’s rally in New Mexico, Sanders decided to call out the mainstream media and their blatant, politically-motivated agenda to oust him at all costs.

Sanders said, “The agenda of obstruction that they have against this president is completely out of control.” She further noted that the media is trying “to destroy the president because they hate that he won in 2016.”

She also said the media can’t stand that Trump is “delivering on all the things that he said he was going to, including a conservative court.” They simply don’t know what to do, so they continue to attack the president.

In fact, as Sanders said, “Because they can’t beat him now they’re going after everyone around him, everyone associated with him, and they’re even making stuff up.” She rightly called out the media as “fake news.”

Sanders continues to do strong work on behalf of President Trump and America. Now, as a Fox News contributor, she will bring the truth to millions of Americans on a daily basis — and enrage Democrats in the process.

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