Sarah Sanders Drops Bombshell On Live TV – Dems Panicking

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders just dropped a bombshell story on live television, and the Democrats are panicking. She knows how to make politicians and bureaucrats in the DC swamp run for cover.

On Fox News this week, Sanders turned the tables of the Democrats, saying, “If they want to look at what really happened and what the failures of 2016 were, they need to look inside the Obama Administration because that’s where they took place.”

She said the “malicious lie that the president was some sort of foreign agent in working with the Russian government in order to win the election” was just a smokescreen “when, really, all of the interference between Russia and the election, took place under the Obama administration.”

As always, Sanders is right on target. Obama and the Democrats, who peddled the ridiculous Trump-Russia hoax for over two years, are the ones guilty of collusion to alter the landscape of the 2016 election and beyond.

“Let’s not forget that [James] Clapper and [James] Comey and [John] Brennan were the ones leading the intelligence community when these things took place and that Obama was the president at that time,” Sanders added.

“They knew about it. They did nothing to stop it, and I think they need to be very careful about pushing down that road,” she said, ominously. Perhaps it’s the Democrats who should be worried about being investigated leading into 2020.

Read the full story here.

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