Sarah Sanders Does It – Makes Abrupt Decision…

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has had enough. She just made an abrupt decision, and she did it in full view of the public.

Democrats once again brought up the heinous Charlottesville attack and demanded President Trump “do more” to combat white nationalism and racism, but Sanders put an abrupt end to their race-baiting.

“I think one of the most important things we can do is use the bully pulpit of the president and call out this hatred by name,” said Sanders to reporters.

She continued: “Condemn it as the president has done and we’ll continue to do anytime something like this comes up.”

Sanders also commented on the Democrats’ attacks against Trump. “Frankly, they’re just acting really childish — it’s almost embarrassing to the House Democrats, the way that they’re behaving,” she said.

What else do Democrats want Trump to do? It’s possible they aren’t even sure. What’s obvious is that they’ll stop at nothing to gin up their base with baseless claims that Trump is a “racist” and lacks compassion.

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