Sarah Sanders Devastated – Horrible Personal News

Jim Carey has apparently started creating political cartoons, and his latest one heralded the departure of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders from the Trump administration. He tweeted his creation on Friday and it has created quite a stir.

The cartoon showed Sanders looking distressed, with hands clasped at the foot of a cross showing the legs of Jesus with a nail in the feet. A halo is on Sanders’ head.

The caption reads, “Good Riddance, Sarah Huckabee Sanders! Now the only one you have to lie to is Jesus.”

Comments included many that thought it was sad that Carey was spending his time and talent attacking Sanders. One commenter said, “So sad to see someone so smart and meaningful troll people doing their job to make themselves feel better. Jim what happened..”

This hideous, nasty, personal attack against Sarah Sanders, even to the point of calling her faith into question, is sickening. Hollywood hatred for the president and anyone who supports him is at an all-time high even as they condemn others for so-called hate.

See the full tweet here.

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