Sarah Sanders Confirms Rumors – She’s Doing It

Outgoing White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders just confirmed the rumors. While President Trump and millions of Americans will miss her, she’s doing it.

Sanders’ main reason for leaving her high-profile post as Press Secretary is personal: She’s a mother and needs more time with her young children. But she made sure to go out in a big way at Trump’s Florida rally.

Joining Trump on stage for his re-election campaign announcement, she said that serving as Press Secretary was “one of the most incredible experiences anybody could ever imagine.”

“That’s because I’ve had the chance to be on the front row of history and watch you drastically change our country for the better,” Sanders continued. “No one will be a stronger voice and a more fierce advocate for this president.”

Loud chants of “Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!” could be heard as she delivered her passionate, heartfelt remarks, to an area in Orlando packed with supporters. Sanders has the admiration of a grateful nation.

As she heads back to her home state of Arkansas to be closer to family, President Trump said he hopes she’ll consider running for Governor. “She would be fantastic,” he said.

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