Sarah Palin Releases Sad Personal Announcement – She Broke Down

Former Alaska governor and candidate for vice president, Sarah Palin, just released a personal message to the public. She broke down sharing this sad announcement.

In an interview with Piers Morgan on ‘Good Morning Britain,’ Palin revealed the hurt she experienced in the aftermath of Sen. John McCain’s death. “I was kinda surprised to be publicly disinvited to the funeral. I think that was an unnecessary step,” she said.

She continued: “They didn’t have to embarrass me and embarrass others. That was all weird. I hope that doesn’t happen to other people. It’s kind of a gut punch.”

In spite of their differences, Palin and McCain remained cordial after their election loss to the Obama-Biden team in 2008. It’s safe to assume McCain himself wouldn’t have been supportive of this “gut punch” to his former running mate.

Her poor treatment is likely just an extension of how she was handled by McCain’s campaign operatives. “There were so many snakes in the Republican Party who were running the show then running the McCain campaign and allowing me to get clobbered,” she said.

“Absolutely no defense would they offer of any of the truth regarding me, my reputation, my record. They were looking for someone to blame for their really crappy type of campaign that they ran and I was a scapegoat,” Palin concluded.

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