Sad News About Kellyanne Conway – Oh No

President Trump’s longtime counselor, Kellyanne Conway, just received some sad news. She needs Americans to be praying for her as she confronts this tragedy.

Once again, Conway’s husband, George Conway, has made her job even more difficult by openly bashing Trump on his Twitter account. The most recent incident occurred when the couple was vacationing in New Jersey over the July 4th holiday.

‘Twenty-five or fifty years from now, Trump’s gaffe about revolutionary-war airports may end up being the only memorable line he ever uttered in a speech,” tweeted her husband.  “Either that, or his bit about windmills causing cancer.”

It has been obvious for some time that George Conway is a petty man, so he decided to take pot-shots at Trump over his July 4th speech. But the unhinged criticism didn’t stop there — the insults became even more ridiculous.

George brought up the matter of disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was just indicted by federal prosecutors on charges of sex trafficking and once served 13 months in prison for soliciting minors for prostitution.

In a disgusting move, George decided to tie Epstein with Trump, even though Trump’s team has said the president had “no relationship” with the man. It is truly said that Kellyanne has to deal with a husband who doesn’t respect her success.

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