Sad Ivanka Trump Update… News Confirmed

Dr. Shea Garrison, Vice President for Foreign Affairs at Concerned Women for America, compared in an OANN interview the treatment Ivanka Trump has gotten for taking a position in her father’s administration to the treatment in the media of Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden.

“Hunter Biden had no experience for the things he was being paid exhorbitant amounts for. Ivanka Trump doesn’t even take a salary. . .she’s traveling around the world to help women, because she cares about women,” Garrison said.

The criticism that Trump is unqualified for her position as adviser to her father the president is ludicrous, Garrison said, pointing out that she is only 37 and has been an executive, an entrepreneur, and has a business degree from the Wharton School of Business.

“I can’t think of anybody in the administration that is more qualified than Ivanka is to direct this initiative,” Garrison said.

Hunter Biden, on the other hand, has been vigorously defended by the media for his actions even though he admitted that he probably would not have gotten the Burisma job if he wasn’t the vice president’s son.

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