Sad: Fox News Star Gets Tragic News

A Fox News star just received terrible news, and she’s going to need all of the help she can get from supporters. Radical liberals at are it again.

Mollie Hemingway, a frequent contributor to the network, wrote an article for The Federalist calling out the DNC on their hypocrisy for banning Fox News from hosting any debates. It didn’t take long for far-left publications to claim a scandal.

Vox writer Jane Coaston, listed as the website’s Senior Politics Reporter, tweeted a screenshot of Hemingway’s article and wrote, “The author of this piece is a Fox News contributor, a fact not mentioned within the piece itself.”

Hemingway clapped back almost immediately. “Dang it!! I was trying to keep it a secret, made more difficult by appearing on Fox News most nights. Such as tonight, on Special Report at 6 pm,” she tweeted sarcastically.

If Coaston’s insinuation is to be believed, Americans shouldn’t trust Hemingway because she wrote a piece defending Fox News for a completely separate publication (of which she serves as an editor) and happens to be a Fox New contributor.

But the joke is on Coaston: Americans are well-aware of the DNC’s shallow double-standard. Banning Fox News from debates while keeping the likes of CNN and MSNBC is laughable. Hemingway was just sharing the hard truth.

Read the full story here.

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