Sad Bill Clinton News – A Tragic End

Former President Bill Clinton and his closest allies are devastated by this breaking news — it’s a tragic end. There’s no escape from what just happened.

Bill Clinton, a once sought-after figure for advice in the Democratic Party, has became what many have dubbed a “pariah.” In fact, only three of the 14 announced or potential candiates for president have admitted to seeking him out for guidance.

According to reports, the three candidates are: Julian Castro, a former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Rep. John Delany of Maryland, and former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

If this shortlist doesn’t impress you, it’s because Bill no longer stands in the spotlight, and, therefore, his influence has increasingly diminished. This new crop of Democratic hopefuls simply aren’t interested in the 72-year-old former president.

His dropping stock ultimately comes down to a perfect storm created by his on personal baggage, hightlighted once again by the #MeToo Movement, the fallout from Hillary’s 2016 campaign, and the party’s dramatic, leftward lurch.

The Democratic Party is done with Clintons and Kennedys. It is the home of Marxist ideologues such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Bill is going to have to except that he’s no longer in the driver’s seat.

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