Ruth Ginsburg Health Announcement – It’s Confirmed

Rumors have swirled for weeks about the health of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, but speculation may now be able to rest with a recent siting.

Jack Posobeic, a host for One American News Network, posted a video where he confirms that Justice Ginsburg was spotted at a prominent gym in Washington, DC. This would seem to suggest that she “appears well enough to work out” and is preparing for a return to the spotlight.

In addition to her work on the U.S. Supreme Court, this could be a precursor to a potential appearance at President Trump’s upcoming State of the Union, which is scheduled for February 5. Posobeic’s trusted source, however, could only confirm for certain that she was seen at the gym.

Justice Ginsburg also canceled a speaking event the same day called “An Evening with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” which has led many to assume she isn’t quite to be out in public. But it appears like it’s only a matter of time before she is back to work in some capacity.

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