BREAKING: Russian Insider Reveals Putin Bombshell – It’s OVER

For some reason, a lot of us just assumed that most of Russia was on board with Putin’s plan.

After all, doesn’t it take a lot of people moving in the same direction to do something as difficult as take over another country?

However, it turns out that the citizens of Russia are very similar to the citizens of the rest of the world in the manner that they don’t really understand or support what Putin is doing either.

The most prominent of which to speak out thus far has probably been director general of the Russian International Affairs Council Andrew Kortunov.

The top Kremlin advisor recently broke ranks to call for a ceasefire in Ukraine and has referred to Putin’s actions as “embarrassing” for Russia.

“I was shocked because for a long time, I thought that a military operation was not feasible. It was not plausible,” Kortunov said. “My advice today, given the current situation on the ground, would be to turn a ceasefire into the top priority. We have to stop the conflict.”

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