Rush Limbaugh Running For President?

Donald Trump has revolutionized American politics, but many supporters wonder what America will look like after Trump’s presidency. Will the Republicans be able to find another leader that “gets it” like Trump does?

One name that springs to mind is Rush Limbaugh, the popular and visionary leader of the right since the Clinton years. And while Rush has always denied interest in public office, it looks like that might be changing.

On his show Wednesday, a caller asked him point blank if he would run for president. Rush replied:

In the past when it’s been suggested I run for any office, not president, any office, I said I wouldn’t have a prayer simply because I’ve been speaking 15 hours a week for 30 years. And oppo research can go find anything they want that would kill my candidacy. The word feminazi might kill my candidacy. But now with Trump having busted through all those kinds of barriers, it may be possible now, whereas prior to today, prior to Trump it would not have been. So, well, I’m not flat-out saying no. I’m gonna have to reassess it at some point. I’m just telling you, before Trump, Claire, it would not have been possible.

He certainly sounds interested. One thing is certain: a Limbaugh presidency would drive liberals stark raving mad.

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