Rush Limbaugh Makes Sad Announcement To Fans

Conservative superstar and radio host Rush Limbaugh just made a sad announcement. Fans were hanging on to every word he said.

Limbaugh declared on his show that the Democratic Party created their “dangerous” base of supporters. “They are a powder keg waiting to explode,” he said.

“Everybody thinks that the Trump rally crowds are these brainless maniacs. Folks, it’s exact opposite,” remarked Limbaugh, setting up his main point.

He continued, “It is these people at Democrat conventions and Democrat rallies who are truly, truly dangerous.” Limbaugh then underscored why the party is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

He made the point that the party needs the money and votes that come with their radical base of supporters, so they cannot afford to lose them, not right before an election year.

The media should turn cameras towards the unstable people showing up at Democrat events, instead of always trying to make peaceful Trump supporters look like a threat. Tell the truth.

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