Rush Limbaugh Has A Wall Solution For Trump – This Could Work

Rush Limbaugh has been on a roll recently, and his intervention in the border wall crisis has left no doubt that he’s a powerful force to be reckoned with when it comes to having the president’s ear.

Now Rush is intervening again – and once again, his plan has the potential to change the direction of American immigration policy. On Christmas Eve, Limbaugh put forth his solution to the government shutdown:

There are all kinds of departments and bureaucracies and areas of the executive branch with unspent money, and Trump can go get whatever he needs from any of those different departments and allocate it, and he can get started building the wall, and he can do it constitutionally on the premise that he is engaging in an act of national security!  He is the executive.  He does not have some of the executive power; he has all of it!

Rush isn’t the first one to suggest building the wall without Congress, but he clearly has the ear of the president on this, and there’s no doubt that his plan could work. After all, under the Obama administration, Democrats were able to bypass Congress for much of their immigration policy by using executive orders.

Trump shouldn’t be afraid to do the same. And with the support of his base, including Limbaugh, he may well do just that. Democrats should be panicking over this – if they refuse to work with the president, they might just be left out in the cold.

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