Rush Limbaugh Ends Speculation – Shock Statement

Rush Limbaugh just ended the speculation. The conservative radio host’s shock statement has made national news. This is incredible.

Appearing on Fox News, Limbaugh called out former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrats for being hypocrites. He made his case convincingly.

At the center of this controversy is President Trump’s remarks overseas in which he mocked Biden for being a “low IQ individual” in a meeting with Kim Jong-un.

Democrats, of course, were outraged, but Limbaugh rightly asked, “How many Democrats, how many members of the media have gone to Europe or anywhere and started ripping Trump?”

He continued: “What Trump is doing is turning it around. Normally Republicans do not play tit-for-tat, this kind of thing. Republicans are sitting ducks. Republicans play nice.”

Democrats have another thing coming if they think they’re going to bully Trump into staying quiet. He’s going to mop the floor with Biden or anyone else who wins the Democratic nomination.

Read the full story here.

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