BREAKING: Fox News Host Stuns Nation – Confirms Rumors…

As most of the country heads one way, Tucker Carlson is going the complete opposite.

He says that most people, whether in the government or the media, are lying about what’s really going on between Russia and Ukraine.

“For weeks, the administration continued to release more of what it called declassified intelligence about Russia’s plans. Officials said that Putin was about to use chemical weapons in Ukraine. Joe Biden himself repeated that story and that’s why, Biden told us, we needed to send another $14 billion in tax dollars to the Ukrainian government. Everyone in Washington accepted this at face value and the U.S. government sent the money. But Biden was not telling the truth and weeks later, the administration admitted that.”

According to Tucker, the idea that the American government was prepping America for a Russia-Ukraine War with Putin being the bad guy is a little fishy:

“Weeks before the Russian military invaded Ukraine, a chilling story began to appear in a number of American media outlets. Unnamed sources in the Biden administration warned that Vladimir Putin was preparing what they called a false flag attack. The point of the attack was to be a pretext for war with Ukraine.

The suggestion was that Putin would stage a mass killing and then accuse the Ukrainians of doing it. So the Pentagon warned Americans to expect ‘very graphic propaganda,’ including footage of ‘corpses and actors that would be depicting mourners in images of destroyed locations, as well as military equipment in the hands of Ukraine or the West.’

It was a pretty complex story, but the media accepted all of it at face value and then repeated it uncritically. One of the very few who dared to ask questions all about where the story came from was an Associated Press reporter called Matt Lee, and for asking that question, the State Department’s flack all but accused him of working for Vladimir Putin. So, that’s what happens when you ask uncomfortable questions. The media caught on quickly and stopped asking them.”

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