Ruling Issued… Ocasio-Cortez Is Devastated

Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been rocked by a major ruling, and she is devastated by the outcome. Her anti-American extremism is about to come to an end.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Kevin Dayaratna, Ocasio-Cortez’s so-called ‘Green New Deal’ simply cannot work. The numbers do not pan out, In fact, it is “economically impossible,” said Dayaratna in an interview.

The interview was conducted by One America News Network (OAN), an independent station that isn’t beholden to the same political and financial ties as CNN and MSNBC. It is why OAN has become popular for millions of Americans.

During the interview, OAN’s Ryan Girdusky asked Dayaratna to go into more detail on the Green New Deal and why he’s determined that it’s “economically impossible” in his new report. Dayaratna did not hold back his criticism.

“We all want clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment,” however, said Dayaratna, “The Green New Deal is not going to be able to accomplish the goals that they say.”

“We found that the policy resulted in significant economic cost and essentially no environmental benefit whatsoever,” continued Dyaratna. “Up to $165,000 on average for a family of four” would hit Americans hard for “less than point-two degrees Celcius temperature mitigation.”

See the full story here.

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