Rudy Giuliani Makes Shock Mueller Announcement – Goodbye

Rudy Giuliani defended the 47-month prison sentence handed down to President Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort, though it fell far short of the 20 years recommended by the prosecution.

“He’s not a terrorist,” Giuliani said. “He’s not an organized criminal. He’s a white collar criminal.”

Manafort, who was one among many officials targeted by special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion probe, was convicted on eight counts of tax fraud, bank fraud and failure to report foreign bank accounts.

While Mueller sought what would have amounted to a life sentence for the wheelchair-bound defendant, the presiding judge determined that the recommendation did not fit the crime. Giuliani agreed.

“The reality is, first time offender — most often you don’t put him in jail. The number here is big enough so it warrants a jail sentence. Two, three, four — the judge was right on target,” Giuliani said.

In addition to prison time, Manafort will have to pay at least $6 million in restitution to the federal government.

Watch the video here.

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