Rudy Giuliani Drops Mueller Bombshell – We Got Him

When asked why Robert Mueller is still trying to make it sound like President Donald Trump did something wrong during the 2016 campaign and afterward, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that Mueller “lost his notion of American fairness” after spending too much time with partisans like Andrew Weissman who just want to take Trump down at any cost, Fox News reported.

Giuliani argued that a finding of insufficient evidence means that the case should be over. The notion of “exoneration is completely foreign to American law,” Giuliani said, noting that he never “exonerated” anyone in his years of practicing law. “If there’s not enough evidence, end of case,” Giuliani declared.

The former New York mayor suggested that Mueller made a rare public statement Wednesday because he didn’t want to face questions from Republicans in Congress that might include why the investigation into Trump was started in the first place and when during the investigation he concluded that there was insufficient evidence to charge Trump.

“I think the Republicans would have a field day with him. I think he concluded that a year before,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani also suggested that lawmakers would come to the conclusion “during the next few months” that the investigation should not have ever started. Too bad we really can’t unring that bell now. But we could get a pound of flesh from those who rang it unjustifiably and send a message to those who would want to try it again with someone else.

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