Rudy Giuliani Announces Criminal Charges – It’s Happening

President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani announced Friday that perjury prosecutions are “guaranteed” to hit special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

Giuliani warned that if Mueller’s final report is released to the public and “they have a few nasty facts in there,” he is ready to retaliate with some nasty facts of his own: the FISA Warrant investigations.

“I’m ready to slam (the Mueller report) down their throat,” Giuliani said. “Because we have an 87 page report which we will use.”

“There’s some things that the special counsel did that I don’t think they’re gonna want people to hear,” Giuliani continued. “They acted in ways that outrage me as a person who cares about justice.”

During the interview, Giuliani blasted the investigation for stacking the team with anti-Trump and pro-Clinton personnel and exhibiting obvious bias.

Giuliani also called out Mueller’s top prosecutor Andrew Weissmann by name for a career pattern of charging people “with things that are not crimes.”

Watch the interview here.

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