Roger Stone Confesses

Former Trump political consultant Roger Stone has been a target of the Mueller investigation for the last two years, and the pressure on him has been intense.

Stone appeared on ABC’s This Week Sunday, and confessed to using Julian Assange’s Wikileaks as political leverage during the 2016 campaign. Stone however, firmly denied ever communicating with Assange.

Stone insisted that he was practicing politics, not committing crime:

“Where is the crime? I engaged in politics. My purpose was to take a tip, which I thought to be solid, and then, after that, to follow the Wikileaks’ Twitter feed and set a Google news alert for Julian Assange and use Twitter to hype as much voter and media attention to the disclosures when they came as politics. You were in this business once. that’s called politics.”

It certainly appears that Robert Mueller is intent on “getting” Stone, and by extension, President Trump. But if what Stone is saying is true, Mueller is barking up the wrong tree.

Read the full story here.

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