Rod Rosenstein Makes Shock Move… It’s Mueller

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has a lot of nerve. After being exposed for discussing the forcible removal of President Trump with Andrew McCabe, he just made another shock move and special counsel Robert Mueller is involved.

Instead of sticking with his original plan of leaving in mid-March, Rosenstein has reportedly decided to stay on at the Department of Justice for now. The Democratic Party’s propaganda machine, CNN, confirmed the news gleefully.

CNN’s Evan Perez claimed Rosenstein “is staying a little longer. We don’t know exactly how much longer. He hasn’t given his notice yet to the White House of exactly his date of departure.” Then Perez dropped the bombshell on viewers.

In regards to Rosenstein’s decision, “he wanted to make sure that he stayed until he was satisfied that the Mueller investigation was either complete or nearly enough to completion that he had helped protect the investigation,” said Perez.

Unless there was still doubt, given the source, Fox News has confirmed Rosenstein’s move as well, reporting that he is staying on “a little longer.” The network also said that he remains the primary go-between for the DOJ and Mueller’s investigation.

Rosenstein would’ve been smarter to skip town, however, because Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is on his case. He announced that the Senate Judiciary Committee “plans to conduct oversight” into the talks about ousting Trump from office.

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