Robert Mueller Returns – He’s Back…

Former special counsel Robert Mueller is about to make a shocking return. His witch-hunt against President Trump is back in the news once again.

Attorney General William Barr plans to release a version of Mueller’s final ‘collusion’ report this week, which the Democrats have been pining for ever since the investigation ended with a whimper.

It is clear that Democrats have tried to create maximum damage for Trump leading up to this moment by going after his tax returns, issuing subpoenas, and bringing as much as they legally can to court.

There’s no telling what the Democrats expect to find in Mueller’s report, but they’re ready to discover anything they can use against the president. This isn’t about truth; it’s about the 2020 election.

But Americans are done listening to liberal squawking about Trump-Russia ‘collusion,’ especially after Mueller was unable to indict a single person over it. But this isn’t going to stop Democrats.

“There was an assault on the integrity of the elections in our country, the basis of our democracy. There is no doubt about that,” said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

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