Robert Mueller Prison Announcement

If special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia collusion probe can’t nab President Trump, it can at least add another head to its wall of concession prizes.

Wednesday, an Obama-appointed federal judge ruled that Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, intentionally lied to investigators, and that he did so after signing a plea deal with Mueller’s office.

This ruling is bad news for Manafort, because it voids the plea deal and threatens him with a 10 year prison sentence for this violation alone, while he still awaits sentencing in a separate case.

Significantly, while the judge found Manafort guilty of lying about a debt payment and about communications with longtime associate Konstantin Kilimnik, she rejected Mueller’s case that he also lied about his contacts with the Trump administration. In other words, the Manafort case follows the usual pattern in which no Russian collusion is found, but men end up being prosecuted anyway, sometimes for crimes that would not have been committed in the first place if there had been no investigation.

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