Mueller Decision Stuns Media – It’s Official, He’s Doing It

News headlines have reported for the past several weeks that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is winding down, however, Mueller just ramped up his witch hunt even more.

Now we’re being told Mueller continues to pursue ‘collusion’ between the Trump campaign and Russia, putting this move at odds with former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s recent assertation that it’s “close to being completed.”

In short, Mueller is still looking into a meeting Paul Manafort reportedly held in New York about the lifting of sanctions on Russia. He is also curious a Ukraine amendment to the GOP platform and might have a plea deal in mind for Roger Stone.

It is obvious to anyone what Mueller is trying to do here. With him being under pressure to finalize his report after a long two years, he is grasping at straws to find anything he can use so this sham investigation doesn’t look like a total waste.

On the Manafort meeting, his defense attorney, Kevin Downing, has taken issue with a new allegation that Manafort was involved in some kind of conspiracy to get Russia’s sanctions lifted. Downing called it “rank speculation.”

Downing also made it clear that Mueller’s “charges against Mr. Manafort had nothing to do with the Special Counsel’s core mandate” and was instead meant to push him to “provide incriminating information about others.”

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