Robert Mueller Gets Devastating News – He Is…

Desperate to keep the Trump-Russia collusion narrative going, Democrats are now threatening to subpoena special counsel Robert Mueller himself.

Mueller’s nearly two-year investigation, involving multiple subpoenas, indictments and convictions of Trump associates and high ranking officials, ended Friday with no finding of criminal activity on the part of President Trump.

However, congressional Democrats have made it clear they will not stop launching investigations until they get the guilty verdict they are hoping for.

As soon as Mueller submitted his final report to Attorney General William Bar, and before Bar even had a chance to review the report and prepare a brief on its findings, Democrats responded by demanding the report’s full release to the public.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), who launched a separate probe into President Trump’s alleged crimes earlier this month, took that demand a step further.

“If the Justice Department doesn’t release the whole report or tries to keep parts of it secret, we will certainly subpoena the parts of the report and we will reserve the right to call Mueller to testify before the committee or to subpoena him,” Nadler said.

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