Robert Mueller Bombshell – New Evidence Announcement

A Robert Mueller bombshell just dropped, and the news is spreading nationwide. People are stunned by this announcement.

Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, is now suggesting that Mueller discovered ‘collusion’ between Trump and Russia after all. His theory is absurd and incomprehensible.

On Twitter, Conway said that since Mueller didn’t say precisely “no evidence of a conspiracy or coordination” in his report, then there must be something to suspect.

He might want to check the validity of his own law degree. An attorney knows that you don’t make assinine stretches to fulfill your own desire for a case’s outcome, something even Mueller somewhat understands.

Given the political nature of this witch-hunt from the beginning, however, Mueller would’ve charged Trump or a close associate with ‘collusion’ if the opportunity presented itself.

Instead, not even a partisan hack like Mueller could find anything worth prosecuting. For the good of the nation and his marriage, Conway should drop the anti-Trump kool-aid.

Read the full story here.

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