BREAKING: Court Drops Hammer On Google – Case Stuns Nation

Google, one of the big tech companies that prides itself on being more woke than everyone else in the world, has been ordered to pay $118,000,000 in a gender discrimination lawsuit.

A class action lawsuit that was brought against Google by over 15,000 current and former employees has now been settled.

Google must now dish out the $118,000,000 to the plaintiffs, made up of former and current female employees of Google.

As one of the most woke companies in the world gets caught not being woke enough, one has to wonder how the rest of us could ever hope to measure up.

Google recently fired one of their best engineers, James Damore, because he suggested that well-documented biological differences might be part of the reason why more women don’t end up in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields.

James was fired for simply stating his (scientifically proven true) opinion, and that’s STILL not good enough for the woke mob.

Either Google are some really evil villains, or there’s no way that anyone could ever possibly satisfy the woke mob once we start bending to them.

Actually, both of those things are probably true.

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