Revealed: Ross Perot’s Dying Wish For Donald Trump…

Billionaire and former presidential candidate, Ross Perot, tragically passed away this week after losing his battle with cancer. But a stunning report just revealed that he had a dying wish for President Trump.

According to the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), Perot’s son wrote two separate campaign checks of $2,800 to Trump’s re-election campaign — one check for the primary and another for the general. Clearly, the Perot family wants Trump to win.

Political strategists and observers, such as longtime Democrat James Carville, once said that “if Donald Trump is the of Jesus of the disenchanted, displaced non-college white voter, then Perot was the John the Baptist of that sort of movement.”

What Carville is saying in his typical, blunt manner, is simply that Perot’s inspiring, pro-America message hit home with millions of Americans and helped set the stage for Trump’s candidacy years later.

There was even a time when Trump thought about running for president with the Reform Party — the party that helped launch Perot’s presidential candidacies — but history provided a slightly different roadmap to victory.

Trump saw that Perot’s rallying cry was capturing the hearts and minds of Americans, and it’s a message he also shared. But he eventually decided to run as a Republican in 2016. The rest, as we know, is now history and Trump is president.

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