Revealed: Queen Elizabeth’s Shocking Gift To President Trump

The shocking gift that Queen Elizabeth gave to President Trump was just revealed. Millions of people around the world are stunned.

Winston Churchill’s book, ‘The Second World War,’ is now in Trump’s possession, and it’s an ultra-rare first edition in an abridged format. The tome was ornately decorated as well in crimson and gold.

This was a meaningful gift for Trump to receive. A bust of Churchill currently sits in the Oval Office, and the president has paid tribute to the former British prime minister in the past.

Trump is such a Churchill fan, in fact, that he hosted a screening of the “Darkest Hour,” the Oscar-winning 2017 movie, at the White House.

Speculation will now begin on where Trump plans to display his gift from Queen Elizabeth. Will he place it in his private collection or feature it as another discussion piece in the Oval Office?

Either way, it’s no doubt that the Queen made Trump’s day and sent a message to the world that the alliance between the United States and the United Kingdom is stronger than ever.

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