Revealed: Hillary’s Dirty Little Secret Exposed In Shock Testimony

It appears that there isn’t a federal entity more politicized and full of double-standards than the Department of Justice, as newly-released congressional testimony just exposed. Hillary Clinton’s dirty little secret is now public.

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok testified before Congress in 2018 about a scandalous agreement made between the Department of Justice and Clinton’s attorneys that prevented the searching of Clinton Foundation emails on Hillary’s private server.

In Strzok’s hearing, he was asked directly about whether the FBI had been given access to the emails in question during the investigation into Hillary Clinton. According to the transcript, he answered, “We were not. We did not have access.”

He said the deal “negotiated between the Department of Justice attorneys and counsel for Clinton” was made because “according to the [DOJ] attorneys, we lacked probable cause to get a search warrant for those servers.” That’s interesting to hear, is it not?

As special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump continues to run amock and make a joke out of our system, Obama’s own DOJ refused to investigate the Clinton Foundation as part of the private server probe.

It’s ironic. When Hillary’s reputation was on the line, the DOJ chose to show some kind of twisted restraint. But in the case of Trump’s campaign, no such deference can be found — despite the major charges in the ‘collusion’ case having nothing to do with collusion.

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