BREAKING: Donald Trump RETURNS – Joe Biden Terrified…

A new Harvard poll is officially confirming what most of us have known for a long while: America much prefers Donald Trump over Joe Biden, and it’s by a wide margin.

Harvard’s poll hypothesized some different presidential matchups for the 2024 race, and there was a common theme throughout. America is a big fan of the Donald, not so much of a fan of the current White House.

Yes, that’s a whopping TEN POINT difference between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris. Such a result should be unheard of when just a year ago Biden and Harris “defeated” Donald Trump in the general election.

Even DeSantis is clobbering liberals right now. No matter who liberals throw out there, they can’t compete.

It’s been that way for a while now. Liberals just didn’t want to admit it.

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