Republican Senator Murdered… Shock Discovery

The husband of murdered Arkansas ex-state Senator Linda Collins asked a court to order her jailed months before her death as part of a battle over marital assets, the Daily Mail reported. Collins was divorced from retired Judge Philip Smith last year, but the battle over their assets was ongoing right up to her death.

The judge refused to jail Collins even though her husband said she was hiding assets from the court, including a $52,000 tax rebate that Smith said she didn’t deposit in order to hide it.

Collins’ friend and former campaign worker Becky O’Donnell, 48, was arrested for her murder. O’Donnell was fired from a job for stealing and her sister said she had ripped off her own family for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

O’Donnell was charged with Collins’ murder and with abusing her body. Collins’ decomposing body was found wrapped in a blanket outside her home in Pocohontas, Arkansas on June 4.

It’s looking more and more like the murder could be about money, since Collins had given O’Donnell’s boyfriend power of attorney over her finances at one point. Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances around the murder.

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