Reporter Tries To Trap Sarah Sanders… Instantly Regrets It

A liberal reporter just tried to trap White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, but she messed with the wrong person.

“Does Trump think Democrats hate Jewish people?” NBC reporter Hallie Jackson asked. Sanders refused to take the bait. “Democrats have had a number of opportunities to condemn specific comments but have refused to do that,” she said.

Then Sanders went in for the kill. “That’s a question, frankly, I think you should ask Democrats,” she concluded. Jackson was clearly trying to embarrass Sanders and get her to call Democrats racist; it didn’t work.

This occurred to the backdrop of the anti-semitic tweets from Rep. Ilham Omar (D-MN) and Trump’s blunt response to them. He said that Democrats “have become an anti-Jewish party” and that they “hate Jewish people.”

He also took to Twitter to explain that “Jewish people are leaving the Democratic Party,” observing the fact that under Obama “we saw a lot of anti Israel policies.” Trump was quoting Elizabeth Pipko, the spokesperson for Jexodus.

Jexodus is a newly-formed organization encouraging Jewish voters to abandon the Democrats. In fact, she did not mince words on ‘Fox & Friends’ recently when she declared, “We left Egypt, and now we’re leaving the Democratic Party.”

Read the full story here.

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