Shock report from North Korea – War?

After months of missile testing, military exercises, and angry words launched back and forth between the United States and North Korea, it’s possible that real conflict could be on the horizon. This is a terrifying prospect, particularly with North Korea having recently tested a nuclear warhead and long range missiles.

Still, sources in the White House are reporting that there is talk of a first-strike against North Korea in the Trump administration. Rumor is that General H.R. McMaster is pushing to give the Kim regime a “bloody nose” and show them the strength of American resolve. Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are in opposition to the idea.

One possible reason for an early strike could be to damage North Korea’s missile launching capabilities sooner rather than later when it can’t be done without ensuring a catastrophic conflict. At the same time, such a strike might guarantee retaliation. It’s also possible that the White House is purposefully leaking this information to spur Kim into engaging in diplomatic talks with South Korea. We’ll find out in the coming days. (Read More…)

Report: Actress claims Weinstein used Oprah to ‘seduce’ her

Kadian Noble has a story to tell — and it doesn’t reflect well on Oprah Winfrey. Noble is an actress who claims that Oprah was the tool Harvey Weinstein used to coerce her into a sexual relationship.

Noble met Oprah in London where she was arm-in-arm with Harvey Weinstein. She was made to believe that Weinstein had some great opportunity for her, and Oprah’s presence added credibility to his claims.

But, as we all know by now, that was just a pretense for Weinstein’s disgusting sexual assaults. Later, in France, Weinstein invited Noble up to his hotel room to “talk about her future.” There he forced himself on her.

Is it remotely possible Oprah didn’t know about Weinstein when everyone else in Hollywood seemed to know? No, it’s not. Enabling evil actions is almost as despicable as engaging in them. (Read More…)

Sen. Rand Paul describes recovery from attack as “a living hell” in interview

In November Sen. Paul was attacked unexpectedly at his home by his neighbor. His entire body was badly bruised, but the six broken ribs he endured were the most severe of his injuries.

This weekend Sen. Paul went on the CBS program “Face The Nation” where he was questioned about the attack and his recovery experience. He said that he couldn’t even get out of bed without help and had pneumonia… twice. “It was a living hell” he concluded. And who could disagree — it sounds absolutely brutal.

Paul was also on the baseball field during the Steve Scalise shooting. He could be excused for feeling that he and other conservative lawmakers have a target on their backs. Is this where our country is headed? I hope not. (Read More…)

Megyn Kelly slams ‘Hollywood hypocrites’ for their sudden pro-woman stand

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly just detonated a truth bomb about Hollywood and the absurd hypocrisy of its elite. After Oprah’s inspired anti-sexual assault speech, Kelly called her and her friends out. How is it that everyone in Tinsel Town suddenly develops a conscience when they’ve been silent about sexual misconduct for decades?

As Kelly noted, these liberal elites have lectured average Americans for years, claiming that we don’t have the right values. But they’ve known that serial sexual deviants have been at the top of their industry’s power structure for years.

Kelly noted that Hollywood worshipped Weinstein, who many referred to as “God.” Maybe if they had dispensed with their grotesque golden calf, they could have developed some real concept of morality. I wish I could say I’m optimistic for the future, but I’m not. (Read More…)

House Intel Committee has received all the docs on the anti-Trump dossier

Rep. Nunes of the House Intel Committee has been spearheading the investigation into FBI and DOJ bias and mismanagement. The Republicans on the committee began the investigation months ago and have honed in on the FBI’s use of the notorious Steele dossier.

It is widely believed that the discredited dossier was the “evidence” that the FBI used to justify spying on the Trump campaign and launching its investigation into so-called Russian collusion. When nearly a year had passed and nothing came of the FBI’s probe, Republicans demanded that the FBI provide all relevant information about the dossier and its use.

After months of stonewalling, delaying, excuses, and politicking, the Republicans have won the day. Now we just have to wait and see what they uncover. (Read More…)

Alan Dershowitz says Democrats want to “undo democracy” and remove Trump

Attorney Alan Dershowitz is an incredibly unusual man. In short, he’s a genuinely honest liberal. He’s the sort that seems to be disliked at any given time by either the Left or the Right, and that’s because he doesn’t waver on his principles. Despite his political leanings, that’s something you’ve got to respect — the man calls it as he sees it. And that’s exactly what he’s done here.

A few days ago, Connecticut State Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro invited a Yale professor named Bandy Lee to opine about President Trump’s mental health. Lee said that President Trump needs to be forcefully diagnosed and probably removed from office. Keep in mind she’s never met the President, and she certainly hasn’t had the opportunity to actually diagnose him.

Attorney Dershowitz blasted this sort of quackery for the absolute nonsense that it is. He said that politicizing medicine is dangerous and it undermines democracy. In this case, it would quite literally undermine a president who was duly elected by Americans. Dershowitz is right on the mark here, and I applaud him for his courage.  (Read More…)

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