REMOVAL Notice – Fox News ROCKED [Developing]

Fox News was just rocked by a major scandal and it could result in a high-profile removal. This is a developing story, but there’s more than enough information to report.

Appearing on ‘Your World,’ Neil Cavuto’s popular program, Judge Andrew Napolitano — the network’s senior judicial analyst — questioned the Republican defense of Trump and went so far as to call his actions “clearly impeachable.”

According to reports, some Republicans are saying that even if a quid-quo-pro was attempted, it does not rise to an impeachable offense and Ukraine still received the promised military aid.

Napolitano counted by alleging that it is “clearly impeachable” because the president asked, ‘Can you help my campaign?'” But Cavuto wasn’t having any of it and made arguably the best point of the exchange.

“But he didn’t say it,” Cavuto retorted. Napolitano’s only response was a weak one. “Of course he didn’t say it that way,” said Napolitano. “But he basically said I need a favor.”

It is odd and disconcerting to see someone so smart fall for the impeachment narrative. There is nothing for Democrats to hang their hat on, and yet Napolitano is giving them cover. His days at Fox News could be numbered.

See the full story here.

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