BREAKING: Joe Biden REJECTED – Democrats Stunned

CNN are supposed to report things that make Biden look good. They may be the biggest liberal in America, after all.

That’s why you know when CNN’s reports are coming back ugly on Biden, things are really wrong.

The New CNN Poll found that only 15% of Americans strongly approve of President Joe Biden’s job performance. 33% moderately approve of what he’s doing, for a total for 48%. Not even CNN can spin their way to a positive approval rating for Biden, that’s how bad things have gotten.

15% moderately disapprove of Biden, while 36% of respondents strongly disapprove. A total of OVER 50%.

Even worse than the ratings on his overall job performance, 58% of Americans believe Biden is ignoring the nation’s biggest problems.

“More than a third of Americans call the economy the most pressing problem facing the country (36%). Among the group that sees it that way, 72% say Biden hasn’t been attentive to the right issues. That dynamic is reversed among the smaller 20% who consider the coronavirus pandemic the nation’s top problem: 79% in that subset say Biden has had the right priorities, while 21% not.”

Joe Biden is done. It’s just that the only people in America that don’t realize it are the ones selling the masses the news.

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