BREAKING: Joe Biden Taken DOWN – Recovery Unlikely…

In less than a week, Joe Biden is supposed to give his State of the Union address to Congress. If there was ever a time to be trending upward, this would be it for Joe Biden.

Instead, Americans have less satisfaction with the current state of the country than they have had in nearly a decade, according to a recent poll revealed by Fox News.

Fox claimed only 31% of Americans are currently satisfied with where America is right now, compared to 68% of respondents being dissatisfied with how the United States is trending.

The last time a number this low was recorded was back during Obama’s administration in 2013. At that time, 73% were dissatisfied compared to only 26% who said they were happy with things.

This isn’t the only Fox poll that Biden has faltered in recently. Last year, Fox reported 56% of Americans approved of the job Joe Biden was doing. When this poll asked how many people approved of Biden, 56% disapproved. Really, this is only important if you needed even MORE proof that Biden is headed in the wrong direction.

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