The ‘Secret’ Reason Doug Jones Won Revealed

With all the controversy surrounding Roy Moore and the Alabama special election, few people would have seen this coming. It turns out that as part of the Democrat Party’s grassroots effort to ‘get out the vote’ they propelled thousands of felons to come and vote for Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones. A man named Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow, an ex-con who is a ‘recovered crackhead turned street preacher’ leads an organization called ‘The Ordinary People Society’ in Alabama.

By Glasgow’s projections, his organization signed up five to ten thousand people last month who presumably made it to the polls for their first election as felons. The final results in the state hinge upon roughly 20,000 votes and Moore plans to ask for a recount if the margin stays about that small. If a bunch of felons swayed the election in Alabama, the residents of that state might be more than a little upset. (Read More…)

Hannity says Mueller team corruption is a ‘direct threat to the rule of law’

Sean Hannity has devoted a lot of airtime to breaking down what has taken place since the supposed “Russian collusion” investigations began last year, and what’s happened since Mueller became Special Counsel. And his conclusion is that there have been politically motived and self-interested agents involved in the investigation from the beginning.

The worst was Peter Strzok, who seems to have done his best to ensure President Trump was going to be investigated for something — whether he was guilty or not. That’s the definition of a witch hunt. Mueller initially had Strzok on his team, and that’s a problem; GOP lawmakers feel they can no longer trust his judgment or impartiality.

Hannity knows this. He said that if Attorney General Rosenstein, who is the ultimate authority here, ‘had any sort of moral compass’ he would disband the Mueller probe and appoint another special counsel. It sounds like that might just be necessary. (Read More…)

Kim Jong Un uses ‘death squads’ to wipe out powerful North Koreans

Last spring reports were being circulated about a member of the Kim Jong Un’s family and potential successor to his ‘throne’ being assassinated. It became apparent to the Western world how North Koreans who “pose a threat” are dealt with in the Kim regime. There’s speculation now that a top aide of the dictator has been executed. A South Korean media outlet discovered that General Hwang Pyong-so, the most powerful person in North Korea behind Kim, is missing.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a dictator executes people who threaten him, but it does demonstrate just the sort of barbarism that the North Korean tyrant engages in. He’s a dangerous man and a bully on the world stage. It’s little wonder that President Trump and his cabinet believes Kim needs to be confronted. (Read More…)

Report: Obama administration misled Congress about Uranium One deal

The Obama administration’s dead hand strikes again. This week in a Senate hearing, Sen. Barrasso of Wyoming discovered that he had been misled by an Obama administration official about American uranium being sent out of the country. Barrasso said that the Obama administration did not make it apparent to him that American uranium could have been exported in the manner that it eventually was.

The administration had an old exporting license amended to permit uranium to be exported when it otherwise wouldn’t have been. Essentially, the administration thought it was fine to deceive a senator and the American public by facilitating a deal that probably shouldn’t have taken place. So business as usual for the Obama administration. (Read More…)

Mika Brzezinski trashes Melania, tells Ivanka Trump to ‘go home’ in angry rant

Mika Brzezinski, co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, really seems to step in it sometimes. This time it was a President Trump tweet that set her off. Everyone knows Trump has a certain style; he hits back when attacked, and he calls things as he sees them. When Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York recently said the President should resign because of the sexual allegations made against him, Trump didn’t hold back.

He tweeted, calling her a ‘lightweight … flunky for Chuck Schumer’ who came to Trump’s office and ‘beg’ and ‘do anything’ for campaign contributions. Trump has made these same attacks against plenty of people, men, women, congressmen, mayors, it doesn’t matter. But this time Mika decided Trump’s tweet was actually misogynistic. She called him a ‘sexist pig’ and even went after Melania and Ivanka, telling them to ‘go home.’ Maybe Mika needs to go home and calm down. (Read More…)

Rep. Trey Gowdy blasts conflicts of interest within FBI, DOJ

Trey Gowdy is one of the sharpest and most uncompromising Republicans in Congress.  He’s also fair, so when he chooses a target for his inquiries, it’s for a good reason.

This week, he went full prosecutor on Attorney General Rosenstein, calling out the FBI and DOJ for the political biases and actions of members of the Russia collusion investigation. Gowdy knows something isn’t right, and he’s not going to let it go now. A special counsel was appointed to avoid biases in the investigation. As Sen. Gowdy noted, that’s the opposite of what we seem to have gotten. With him on the case, it’s not going to go well for the bureaucrats. (Read More…)

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