Rashida Tlaib’s Real Identity Revealed – We Got Her

The real identify of Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has been revealed. Her own party tried to hide it, but we just caught her red-handed.

Showing her real intentions all along, Rep. Tlaib, typically known for her anti-Semitism, took aim at President Trump instead and declared that impeachment “is moving toward that. It’s going to demand that.”

This is despite the assurances from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi saying otherwise. Clearly, Pelosi and losing grip on the Democratic Party and will be forced to side with Tlaib and others.

She delivered her remarks on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ with Chuck Todd, a safe space for far-left radicals who want to spout their rhetoric unchecked.

Tlaib dishonestly claimed, “This is not about the 2020 election. “It’s about doing what’s right now for our country.” She even threw in a mention of holding Trump “accountable” to the Constitution.

When Democrats bring up the Constitution, you know it’s all bluster. Tlaib doesn’t care about following the law. If she did, she wouldn’t be calling for Trump’s impeachment. This is about politics, plain and simple.

Read the full story here.

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