Rape Charges Shake D.C. – Trump Was Right

Shocking rape charges just shook Washington, DC — President Trump was right all along.  It is time for Congress to listen before it’s too late.

According to reports, a 17-year-old illegal immigrant by the name of Baudilio Salomon Diaz Ambrosio has been arrested in Georgia and could soon face deportation by ICE. He is charged with brutally raping a 7-year-old girl.

Details on why Ambrosio was alone with a young girl are currently sparse, however, it is being reported that the sexual assault occurred at the girl’s home. What’s even more tragic is that she had to undergo surgery after the attack.

Ambrosio, a native of Guatemala, was reportedly released into the United States well over a year ago last March under the condition that he would show up to an immigration court hearing in November.

This tragedy could’ve been prevented with some commonsense, yet Trump is the one criticized for ending programs like DACA and seeking tighter controls on the immigration process.

Now, a young girl is scarred for life with an emotional and physical wound because of the lack of accountability. Ambrosio better be on a one-way trip to Guatamala soon — he should be banned from the United States indefinitely.

Read the full story here.

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