Rancher Cries Out For Help – Trump Rushes In To Save Her

Career politicians living high on taxpayers dollars have a difficult time relating to the average American, but President Trump simply gets it and isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right.

A rancher from a border town in Texas issued a plea on Facebook about the drug cartel that “has complete control of the Rio Grande River” and exploits our lax immigration laws. Thank God for Trump’s emergency declaration to build the wall.

The rancher, Melissa Peters, explained her plight and that of other border ranchers in detail. She discussed how the cartel charges “every single illegal immigrant a minimum of $5,000 to cross the river” into our country.

“Once they cross,” she writes, “they travel through OUR ranch land / cities to make it to their destination. A lot of the women are raped as they prepare to cross,” underscoring a devastating reality that liberals don’t like to talk about.

How the scheme continues, however, is even more elaborate. “There are usually people on the US side ( illegals and citizens) that get paid to pick up drug loads and or illegals. There’s a lot of money at stake,” she explains.

In addition to the tragic human cost, ranchers like Peters “are left to pay for the damage” as many of these hauls go straight through their land and destroy property. Congress needs to stop fighting Trump and get on board with border security.

Read the full story here.

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