Queen Elizabeth Quitting Notice – World Stunned

Britain’s long-serving Queen Elizabeth II could be relinquishing her power soon. A stunning notice was just released, and the world is shocked. It’s truly the end of an era.

Phil Dampier, a renowned expert and author on the Royal family, said, “There is talk that when she reaches 95 in a couple of years she may slow down and possibly the Regency Act will be brought in.”

Dampier continued: “She will still be Queen but Prince Charles will, in fact, take over most of the duties. “He is starting to do that already, being at the state opening in Parliament and the Commonwealth conference.”

The Regency Act, which has been in place since 1937, would give the Queen authority to give up a “majority of duties” if she feels that she can no longer carry out the role competently.

Queen Elizabeth has reigned as Britain’s monarch since 1952, which is an astonishing 67 years. She has literally watched the world change around her for over six decades and had a front-row seat to it all.

As it’s been noted, the 70-year-old Prince Charles is certainly prepared to take over her duties if necessary. And considering Elizabeth’s longevity, Charles could easily serve for another 20-plus years if he remains healthy.

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