Putin wins shock victory – this is stunning

Mitt Romney may have been correct about one thing when he ran for president in 2012. Remember when he said that Russia was the United States’ most important geopolitical foe? Then-President Obama said that the 1980’s were calling, and they wanted their foreign policy back. Well, it turns out that Obama was wrong… again.

Putin has been waging war in Syria for years and now we know what he expected to get out of it. Russia has attained the exclusive rights to produce oil and gas in Syria, cementing its influence in the Middle East.

Putin is a dictator, but he’s also a smooth geopolitical operator. He knew that spending Russian blood and treasure would eventually pay off. And now he’s gotten his way. But he shouldn’t get too cocky — he’s not facing a weak leader like Obama anymore. Trump will be harder to push around. (Read More…)

Rhode Island state senator arrested over alleged video ‘voyeurism’ crime

A Republican state senator from Rhode Island named Nicholas Kettle was arrested and charged with one count of video voyeurism and two counts of extortion last week. Kettel was the Senate Minority Whip in the Rhode Island statehouse.

After a month-long investigation, Kettle was arrested at his workplace, an antique car equipment business, where state police seized over a dozen computers, hard drives, and electronic devices. He was accused by his ex-girlfriend of recording her without consent in a sexual context — that’s the voyeurism charge. As of right now, it’s unclear what the extortion charges are based on because the charges are currently under court-ordered seal. He deserves his day in court, but it’s time we start holding our leaders to a higher standard. (Read More…)

Putin’s close associate indicted by the DOJ

On Friday, the Mueller investigation revealed that a grand jury had indicted 13 total Russian people and entities for allegedly meddling in the 2016 presidential election. All 13 indictments, however, are essentially ineffective because the people or entities are all in Russia.

That said, this set of indictments is significant in that it directly implicated a close friend of the Russian president. Yevgeny Prigozhin is a wealthy Russian businessman and restaurateur known as “Putin’s chef,” because Putin frequents his restaurants. Prigozhin, along with the other 12 names on the list, has been accused of meddling in the election by conducting propaganda operations through social media. There’s no word yet as to whether those efforts actually had any effect. (Read More…)

Senate defeats John McCain’s ‘Dreamer’ immigration bill

Sen. John McCain might be a dreamer himself. He attempted to pass an immigration bill through the Senate last week which provided no support for a border wall. In order to sign an immigration bill, Trump has demanded that it include four primary policies. Those are: a path to citizenship for many of the illegals here in exchange for; a secure border and a border wall, an end to chain migration, and an end to the visa lottery.

If Democrats are concerned about the people already here, rather than just bringing in more possible Democrat voters over time, then they can get this done. On the other hand, if they keep trying to pass legislation that’s doomed to fail, they’re only letting their constituents down. (Read More…)

Hillary Clinton openly discussed receiving election support from foreign leaders

Here we have yet another reason to believe that the wrong campaign was being investigated by the FBI for supposed “collusion.” Hillary Clinton was so brazen as to brag about her collusion on live television! When facing off against Bernie Sanders in a debate, she said: “I am already receiving messages from leaders — I’m having foreign leaders ask if they can endorse me to stop Donald Trump.”

Of course, that’s what the Clinton Foundation’s pay-for-play scheme was all about. But it’s still shocking to hear her admit it. Clinton is an utter embarrassment, and she lost because she’s as hated as she is corrupt. (Read More…)

Justice Clarence Thomas says he’s ‘worn down’ by victimhood culture

Justice Thomas is a titan of the judiciary. He’s the most consistent judge currently on the Supreme Court and likely one of the most consistent in American history. He believes that the Constitution needs to be respected and interpreted properly, not be manipulated for pet political causes. And his decisions are always spot on.

As a man, he’s pretty incredible. He likes to travel around America in an RV, meeting regular folks and having conversations with them while most of them don’t even recognize him. He’s whip-smart and a man of the people. So when Thomas has something to say, it’s always worth listening to him.

Thomas loathes things like affirmative action, which he believes demeans black Americans. It’s part of why he’s getting “worn down” by victimhood culture. He’s right. It’s time to cut out the victimhood routine and stop being so tribal. We’re all Americans and we need to start acting like it.  (Read More…)

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