Putin Stuns The World – Shock Trump Announcement

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview that President Donald Trump was “talented” and that liberalism has become “obselete.” The comments came just ahead of Putin and Trump meeting at the G20 Summit.

“I do not accept many of his methods when it comes to addressing problems,” Putin said, adding that Trump knows what his voters want from him in spite of not being a career politician.

Putin was polite in his remarks about Trump despite being critical of the U.S. overall. He also supported Trump’s efforts to tighten and enforce immigration laws, saying that migrants’ rights don’t include being able to rape and kill “with impunity.”

Putin also denied any Russian government interference in the 2016 election and instead said that Trump saw changes in American society and took advantage of them to win the election.

He said he expected to have a “good conversation” with Trump at the G20 and told reporters it was “none of your business” what the two would discuss.

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