Just in: Putin issues terrifying threat – good lord

Has Putin lost his mind? He and his administration are almost acting like they want to go to war. Russians tried to inject uncertainty into the 2016 election, they have been aggressive in Eastern Europe, and they just poisoned a former spy who was living in England. British Prime Minister, Theresa May demanded that Putin confirm or deny the assassination allegations.

In response, a spokeswoman for Russia shrugged off May’s demand, saying: “Who does Britain think it is, issuing ultimatums to a nuclear power?” Short of taking a physical swipe at the Prime Minister, that’s about as provocative as the Russians could get.

Moscow then upped the ante by making an ultimatum of their own, and accusing Britain of trying to “discredit Russia.” Putin is starting to go overboard. And remember, Britain is a nuclear power too. (Read More…)

DNC vice chair Keith Ellison had secret hotel meeting with Louis Farrakhan

Democrats have an anti-semitism problem that they refuse to acknowledge. Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, and now Keith Ellison have each consorted with Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is the head of the Nation of Islam in America. He’s praised Hitler, talked about how evil Jews and white people are, and somehow he is influential in the Democrat Party.

Apparently, Keith Ellison met with Farrakhan privately in a hotel in 2016. That’s on top of hanging out with him at two events prior to the meeting as well. Ellison keeps denying that a relationship exists between him and Farrakhan, but why else would they be meeting together? Ellison is another lying Democrat. (Read More…)

6 Islamic State fighters killed in coalition airstrike

There hasn’t been much news out of Iraq in the last few months regarding ISIS, but the fighting isn’t over there just yet. American forces under Trump’s new initiatives have really decimated them, but there are at least a few militants who remain and are trying to cause trouble. But the American military isn’t messing around.

Just outside of Anbar, a U.S.-led coalition airstrike took out a vehicle full of ISIS militants killing 6. That’s not all though, 3 more militants were taken out in a strike on a desert tunnel in another area. This is the definition of “you can run but you can’t hide.” America is finished playing games. (Read More…)

Democrat U.S. senator’s wife fired by West Virginia governor

Gayle Manchin is the wife of Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin, a Senator from West Virginia. Up until yesterday, Gayle was the head of the Department of Education and the Arts in that state. She was fired by the Republican governor, Jim Justice, after calling him out over a plan to possibly dissolve the agency she led. Gayle clearly wasn’t too happy about the plan.

Instead of working it out behind closed doors, she made her discontent public, and Gov. Justice decided it would just be easier if she were removed from her position. This will undoubtedly fray the Governor’s relationship with her husband, which could be pretty awkward. Maybe he should have encouraged his wife to do things in a more professional manner though, and she’d still have her job. (Read More…)

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